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UGnoodle DIY Animation – what is it?

08th Mar 2016, author: Eve Myhill

Ugnoodle DIY animation, simply put, it’s like a cross between Gnoodle and Powtoon. If you’re not familiar with either of these then let me explain.

Gnoodle is the animation arm of Gnu Films. We have a team of animation specialists that are a dab-hand at scripting, illustrating animating and editing a top notch animation. From explainers to product demos, training tools to corporate videos we’ve pretty much done the lot and then some for all types of companies.


Powtoon is a popular piece of online software that allows you to create your own animation. You write a script, record your own voice over, pick from their music selection and then just drag and drop graphics from their pre-animated cartoons. You can have a professional voice over but it costs extra starting from about £110. There’s a range of styles and for all-intensive purposes its like a really cool Powerpoint. But as with Powerpoint it’s only as good as its user.

This is where UGnoodle DIY animation comes in.

UGnoodle is a hi-bred offering the best of both worlds guaranteeing affordable animation that looks professional and polished.

  1. You pick the price and the running time
  2. You write the script
  3. You choose your voice over artist
  4. You choose the animation style you like and if you don’t see what your looking for a quick email will give you access to literally hundreds of different styles
  5. You choose your music, again we have thousands of tracks back at the ranch just tell us what you like.
  6. Finally you upload your company colours and logo and this is where your hard work ends and we pick it up.
  1. We record your voice over, making sure we adhere to any specific notes for delivery you may have indicated. We’ll record it many times until we think its perfect.
  2. We then align the right visuals with your voice over to time it out perfectly into an engaging and visually exciting story
  3. If a particular asset or animated graphic is not in the pack you’ve chosen then we whip up a couple new ones just for you
  4. We then add the music and the sound effects and re-time everything in edit to make it perfect.
  5. The animation is then sent to you for review where you can send one round of amends for anything you think isn’t quite working.
  6. Finally we deliver the file in any format of your choice form .Mov to .Gif.

You do the creative and we do the leg-work, it’s the best of both worlds and starts at just £500 for 30 seconds. We think it’s a pretty cool animation service for the busy SME. As a business owner or marketing manager you already have a lot on your plate and this just eases both your budget and your schedule.

Check out our video to find out more. In the meantime if your looking for more information about UGnoodle’s DIY animation or a bespoke animation or film then get in touch at production@gnufilms.co.uk or call us on 01604 779079