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What is an Infographic?

10th Jan 2016, author: Eve Myhill

An infographic, simply put, is a visual display of summarised information using graphics. Traditionally if using print it’s arranged on one page that has been arranged and presented to be visually pleasing giving the reader an overview of information like this

With the ever increasing use of video as a vital marketing strategy, animated infographics not only translate well to animation but accommodate more information than the traditional print methods.

With an animated infographic you can tell a story using voice over, whilst reinforcing your messages through visual stats, facts and visual aids whilst keeping the keeping the attention of the viewer. Infographics can be made fun and entertaining as well as factual : take a look at our infographic animation for startup tech company Lock8 explaining what is they do here.

Infographics can also be adapted to reflect your brand and company culture. For example we created an animated infographic for Astrazenecas Young health Programme. We reflected the idea of learning and youth through the use of a chalkboard style whilst maintaining brand consistency through brand colours and logos, you can see this video here

If you’re thinking of creating an animated infographic then here are a few top tips:

  1. Compile a list of succinct messages. This is not an opportunity to tell your life story but more a platform to explain and idea and prove its merit. Think of it as a one sided debate
  2. Where appropriate always include factual elements such as statistics, data analysis or abbreviated quotes.
  3. Make use of colour and movement wherever possible. If you make you animation too simple it will appear more like a powerpoint presentation and have less dynamic appeal, negating the whole point of an infographic.
  4. Infographics entertain s well as educate. Even if you have a serious brand don’t be afraid of incorporating humour. A little tongue-in-cheek messaging where appropriate will only encourage your viewer to watch on.
  5. Music and sound effects are often overlooked and added as an after thought they are in fact as important as the visuals themselves. They created a third dimension for the senses giving a greater sense of experience.


Who are Infographics for?

Any one that has a complex message to tell. In particular the industries that most benefit from this platform are:


  • Sales and Marketing Agencies
  • Tech Start Up companies
  • SEO companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Charities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Public funded bodies

This isn’t the whole list but you can see how their information would translate.

If your interested in an infographic we offer two services at Gnoodle Animation services. We can create a bespoke infographic designed and tailored to your brand and message starting form around 4k. If your just dipping your toe in the animation world and looking for something professional but a little cheaper than we also offer our DIY animation service uGnoodle starting from as little £600. Using our online system you choose from a selection of pre-animated templates then pick your voice over, music and write your own script to produce a professional infographic with just a click , its pretty nifty, so check it out here.