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Top 10 Tips from Gnoodle animation company

28th Dec 2015, author: Eve Myhill

Company Animation FAQ’s

When we exhibit at some of the marketing shows people are immediately drawn to our stand because of the great animations we have playing in the background. The colours, designs and natural storytelling draws peoples attention and we are swamped with the same questions each year. So in case you don’t get see us at marketing week live this year here’s the top 10 bits of info that you need to know.

  1. How long should it be?

All videos – animation or film – should be as sort as possible. Attention spans are short these days and if you have a lot to say, you’re better off producing a series of short animations rather than one long one. This also helps to get more bang for your buck as you can release them over time helping to build up your audience following and SEO presence.


  1. I don’t think animation will work with my brand because it’s too playful or childish.

Not true!!!! Animation comes in many shapes and sizes, its not all Bugs Bunny and Dora the Explorer. Animation is one the most popular forms of education and sales tool used by leading technology, finance and even healthcare companies to take a complicated idea and make it simple, clean and efficient. Just take a look at IBM, Natwest and GSK. If you want to take a look at our most recent animated infographic click here


  1. What style should I use?

Some people come to us with a fully formed idea (but that’s quite rare), some with an example of a style they’ve already seen and like and some armed only with their logo. No matter where you start from, we will pick up from there and put together a range of ideas on a styleboard to see what takes your fancy. It’s very important that your animation style reflect not just your brand colours but your brand identity and company culture so we work with you to get it right. If you’re playful make the animation playful, if you’re more about facts and numbers then an infographic or kinetic text might be more your thing, or for something in the middle a chalkboard or whiteboard animation can do the trick. Have a look at our current portfolio for a few ideas and then get in touch. It’s your animation company’s job to come up with the visuals you like as they are the ones with the crayons and glitter glue!


  1. Should I use characters?

This is something that will depend heavily on what you want to show. If it’s an app demonstration then you may be better to focus more on the app itself using the animation as support vehicle to carry the narrative, this may mean using animated icons or even screen-grabs of the app in action. If it’s about a service, which is often person led, then a character could be right for you, again it depends on your brand.


  1. Who does the drawings?

We do! Your animation company should have highly skilled illustrators and animators capable of a wide range of styles at your disposal. The wonderful thing about bespoke animation is that it is entirely unique to you and your company; every picture, every colour, every scene and every frame is carefully crafted and designed for you.


  1. What if I don’t like it once it’s made?

Animation is a labour intensive platform. Every frame is handmade and on average 10 seconds of animation takes between 1 – 2 days to make. Traditionally all animation companies should produce a script, followed by a written description of each scene and before the animation even starts a detailed storyboard visualising what each picture will look like. If the animation is complex or the message potentially confusing you may then also receive an animatic. Each of these stages has review periods factored in so by the time the animation is made both sides know exactly how the animation is going to look and feel to ensure the video is exactly what you are looking for. Any companies that don’t offer this service automatically, should be asked what they offer in place of this process to ensure client satisfaction.


  1. What is a storyboard?

A storyboard is a series of still images mocked up to show how the film will look in sequence. Below each picture is a written description of any action and audio taking place. The pictures will be similar but not necessarily exact representations of the final drawings.


  1. What is an animatic?

An animatic is the combination of a guide voice over and the still images turned into a basic movie to help both client and animation company visualise the end product.


  1. How long will it take?

Animation is different to film as each visual has to be created rather than an existing image gathered into a camera. On average 10 seconds can take between 1 – 2 days depending on the style and complexity. Assuming all feedback is received in a timely manner in the pre –production stage, then taking on board scripting and so on, the average time is around 6 – 8 weeks for a 90 second animation.


  1. How much does a bespoke animation cost?

The million dollar question – or in fact much less than that. Depending on the complexity and of course the animation company an average 60 second animation with Gnoodle or Gnu Films will probably start at about £3.5 – 4k. We also offer discounts on batches, so if you make a series of 30 second animations then the cost per film will be cheaper. There are companies cheaper than us and more expensive than us, but our skill level and end output will always give you best value. Whoever you decide to create your new masterpiece with make sure they follow the planning process properly and you have plenty of opportunity for amends in the development stage. Changing an animation after it has been made is way more expensive then just tweaking it at the start!



  1. Are there cheaper options or alternatives?

Yes of course. We offer a service called uGnoodle. You get to write the script, select the style from a range of pre-animated templates, choose the voice over the music and the colours – you can even set the running time and the price. You then upload your logo and press send and we will send you your shiny new animation in about 2 weeks. Process start from as little as £550 so click here to find out more. There are also tons of apps and programs out there now for you to use yourself which we are going to release a series of blogs reviews on but remember even if your doing it yourself the planning stage is still important or it could end up looking like something more suited to your mums fridge then a company website.


Hopefully you’ve found this article useful. They’re the most common questions we get asked but if you have any more please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we love a good chinwag.


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And don’t forget if your looking for video or films check out our sister site at Gnu Films