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How to Use Video and Animation in Presentations.

07th Mar 2016, author: Eve Myhill

Video and Animation in presentations are hugely under-used resources for a very practical, engaging and effective tool.

In terms of technical approach there are two main ways to do it.

The first is to actually include a playable film or animation with an running time of about 60 – 90 seconds that is positioned within your presentation, so it effectively becomes one of the slides. PowerPoint and Prezi both support video within their software and its relatively easy to do whether you stream from a website or actually embed it within the PPT.   This is best utilized for telling a more complex narrative like ‘where we are to date’ or ‘how does this system work’. Short animated videos are brilliant for simplifying a complex idea and they really do save time when it comes to presentations. You give the intro get any initial introduction of the concepts our of the way then straight into a video seamlessly which you can then pick up from and move onto the next slide confident your audience now have a base knowledge of what your talking about.

The second approach is the use of GIF’s. Not the horrible, blurry, jerky 3 seconds clips from movies that people post on Facebook but bespoke, animated gifs that can be carefully scattered throughout your presentation to create a polished and inspiring narrative. These work particularly well if you use PowerPoint as a sales platform. Much as you would carefully design and build you PowerPoint to not only attract the ye but to break up the information Gifs can do the same thing but on the next level. The point of a PowerPoint is to succinctly ‘present’ your ideas so for example if you showing the progress of year on year growth, you don’t just have to show a bar graph, you can show an animated tree in your brand colours, with bank notes for leaves growing from the bottom of your page and shaping around you text, ending with percentage shaped ‘fruit’. Ok maybe that examples a bit heavy handed but anything is possible with animation. Recently we produced a PowerPoint for a global logistics company and on one of the pages they wanted to show an over view of their system. We created a road map of icons that animated to show the lorries arrive at the hub, then depart to the destination then the parcel distributed out and the animation looped around and around showing the continue process of efficient delivery. A simple but very effective animation.

The ‘how’ will become evident based on the purpose of your PowerPoint, who your showing it to and in what environment ie: are they getting it via email and watching it alone, are your presenting to a room or a group? Is it for internal use or for clients and so on. The most important thing when including animation in presentations is that its not an add on, it’s an integral part of your story that will enrich the audience experience. When your writing the content, when your designing the pages, think laterally about how your will demonstrate your point. Is it best served with a bullet point, an image a gif or a video. Don’t add it as an after thought.

It’s quite refreshing to have an audience that’s genuinely engaged in your PowerPoint presentation. It may just seem like a pipe-dream but I’m here to tell you it’s entirely possible. If you want to take it for a test run before commissioning some fresh new content then Insights has provided some ready made clips for your perusal. And here a little youtube Howto in case your a newbiw

Get involved, enjoy what you do and create not sedate.

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